Hello Everyone:

I am wondering Is there anyone can tell what is the differnces between the Netware5.1 and Windows Server 2003? I mean What is the specific differences in some particular area. Such as the Netware has to create a template and then choose the suitable template for the new user.

Anyone can summary the differences???

really need to know as soon as possible.....please help!!!! :cry:


Before we get to deep here, I'd like to know your background. Reason? I don't want to talk over your head, and help you make a poor decision based on any mis-understandings.

Very simple overhead--

Netware is made by Novell, and 5.1 is a rather old release, coming out around Windows NT 4 or Windows 2000 Server. Windows 2003, is made by Microsoft.

Windows 2003 will require more horsepower to operate than Netware 5.1. Windows runs Active Directory, whereas Netware works with Novell Directory Services. Windows 2003 can work with printing from the internet, and do various types of network management and routing... Netware 6 can do some cool things with internet printing and management via webpage.

Before we go deeper though, let us know your background (are you MCP/CNA MCSE/CNE) and what are you intending to do with the server.

Choices in operating systems go beyond the meere OS... depends on what you want to DO with the server.