Operating on Windows 98. I'm having the red X problem. But this time it's in attempting to open files that were stored as ".jpg" files. In reference to a past post (http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/thread24636.html), I know for a fact that the reason is "- An unusual screen format (requiring the images to be converted to be displayed)." I don't know what to convert the image to OR what to convert the image from. The photos were taken on a cell phone, which explains the unusual screen format). The images were sent from my cell phone to my e-mail and then saved to my computer, but when I try to open the files, they do not work; I get a red X instead. Is there any chance of turning this Red X into an image? Images are set to open through Internet Explorer on my computer.

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I'll be on so I can get some help and so any helpers can ask me specific questions on my problem to help me out. Thanks.


I don't know about the cell phone thing but hidden formatting can ride along with files and images even if you "Just highlight and copy/paste". Anyway did you try the right click on image (red x) and click on Show Picture. It usually works. If it doesn't work it may be a defective file, wrong file name, file path wrong, image in wrong place, etc. Usually happens when a bunch of images are on the page, like houses/cars for sale, etc. and the last few don't appear.

You can even look at the source code of the page and ck the image paths. Mistakes are easy.

Try contacting the tech dept of the cell phone and/or service provider.


I tried this out and it didn't seem to work for me. Thanks for trying though. I hope it isn't corrupt because that mean I lost a lot of pictures off of my phone! So sad. :sad:

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