I have had a real problem with Emails failing to send if they include an attachment

I can receive email with or without attachments and I can send email without attachments.

I am narrowing down the problem.

It is not the ISP

It is not XP

It is somewhere in Eudora or Firefox...

I am downloading a new copy of Firefox and Thunderbird (Email Reader)

Has anyone had a similar problem?

Hey T_I,

Do you have an anti-virus program doing email checking? If so, turn that option off. Since you said the problem is not confined to one particular program, I'd start there first.

By the way- I've deleted your earlier post on the matter, as it was essentially the same as this post and hadn't gotten any responses.

I looked and did not find the old one so I reposted..

I had updated info to try and narrow down the problem

The new Thunderbird and Firefox did not help.

IE can send files with attachments and I will try (Argh) Outlook to see if it will send email with attachments.

Why would IE work and not Firefox ?

I has to be something with Mime I would think.

Does IE have Mime built in it and my Mime is corrupt in XP?
Can I reinstall Mime? How?

I checked with my laptop and Firefox works fine with Yahoo...

This is just Odd..

I'd say that, if it is an attachment block, it is one of two places:

1. Outlook security settings

2. Your ISP (often they won't tell you about security measures implemented to stop attacks against the ISP itself).


If it is not an attachment block, it could be:

A. The sender's ISP, especially if it is AOL.

B. Your ISP blocking the sender's ISP.

C. Failure of the sender to attach the file correctly (such as trying to embed some kinds files, rather than trying to attach them).

D. The attachment is larger than your ISP allows an email to be.

E. Spam or spyware filter blocking the email.

F. Virus checker detecting a virus.