What's up, all.

Lately, my computer's been kinda sluggish. According to Task Manager, my CPU has been churning away at 100%. Upon further investigation, "symwsc.exe" seems to be the main CPU hog, constantly logging 75%+ @ 3,700+ K. This doesn't seem normal to me, but then again, what do I know?

I'm just wondering why the process is using that much of my CPU,and looking for advice on what I can do to remedy this if it's not a normal action.

Thanks in advance!

Symantec can be a brute sometimes. Were you running a scheduled background scan or update at the time? Those two operations are the only ones that should take up so much of your resources, and it shouldn't last more than an hour on average, though that depends heavily on your setup.

you may also want to run antispyware (spybot S&D) and hijackthis and post results to the viruses, spyware and other nasties forum.

Thanks for responding, guys!

^^ I was doing neither. It started doing this last night. A Googled the process, and it told me it was Symantec-related, so I tried to look for a way to turn it off without ending the process in Task Manager. Couldn't find out how.

^ I ran HijackThis and posted the results to their auto-analyzer. The results didn't show symwrs.exe as a malicious file. There were only two warnings: one for a search engine toolbar add on thing that associated itself with Dell, and the other was for Wild Tangent. There were also a few unknowns, all associated either with Dell, VerizonDSL, and my printer.

I'll run it again, and post it to the appropriate thread.

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