I cannot log onto MSN Messenger at all, it says my computer is not connected. I have called my Internet provider and they have walked me through a million steps to no avail.

I also cannot log onto any MSN, Hotmail, Microsoft web pages to access their help sites.

I have been at this since 8am today and am ready to just cry.

I cannot go on any website for MSN or Microsoft. I have done an XP restore process today and restored the computer to the original settings and it still won't work.

Can anyone please help me or direct me to a website that will help me that is not Microsoft or MSN?

Thanks So Very Much~

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Is it only Microsoft Sites you have problems with. Sounds like some sort of Malicious software if so. Have you checked for Viruses and Spyware?

I did hear recently of something that attacks DNS, but cant remember more that might help.

Yes, I have ran the scans and found nothing. I am actually gonna call Microsoft this morning and ask them to help me and then maybe a computer tech to come to the house at a last resort.

Thanks so much!!!!

Funny, i had a look on google for this problem and ended back in Daniweb.


have a look at that post, if you still have problems, could you answer the following, as there are some different things that could be the problem.

What browser are you using?
OS and service pack?
Can you access www.microsoft.com? (are you only having problems with secure sites)
Can you view microsoft.com if you run

Make sure your time and date settings are correct as well, let me know some answers, hopefully i can help

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