Aargh - I just spent ages typing in a long and detailed description. And then I was told that I would have to log in, even though I was sure I was already logged in.

Anyway. When installing Win2k Professional with Multi-Language and including Service Pack 2 from bootable CD-ROM without a floppy in sight, I get problems with COM+

The following URLs seem to be relevant, but neither helps me at all.



Can anyone help me at all?

any idea of what the error really is?

The URLs describe the bug fairly exactly.

While trying to find a solution I got the probably related message while installing Win2k;

Sub-component COM+ raised an exception while processing the OC_COMPLETE_INSTALLATION setup message
..\cpsetuputil.cpp (Line 7071)
Error code = 0x800703E6
Invalid access to memory location.
Setup was unable to populate the 'Components collection'.

I got round all these COM+ problems by installing Win98 and then upgrading to Win2k. I didn't get any error messages during installation and the comsetup.log file showed no problems. However when restarting the first few times winlogon.exe failed, blue screened very briefly, and then the computer reset. It has happened a few times since, together with one or two botched start ups.

Other symptoms I have found is the installation hanging on several occasions. When trying to 'repair' the installation on several occasions I have had messages stating that the image of a file or files on disk is not correct.

At one point I thought maybe there was a problem with the hard drive. My plan of action is to perform every test I can think of on first the hard drive and then the CD ROM. Then I need to try and find someone who will lend me a copy of Win2K in case it is the CD that is buggered.

Any tips anyone can lend would be appreciated.

Ever slipstreamed? You can get SP3 at the very least, SP4 if you're feeling adventurous or masochistic. Take your pick.

Anyway...are you slipstreaming the Multi-Language stuff on top of the normal installation? Can that be done?

What I've done is slipstreaming an SP3 disk with quite a few updates (SP4 doesn't seem to play nice with our database server at all, no clue why), and after installing that, I install the MUI for the OS, then Office, then the MUI for Office. This is all for our Japanese users.

What steps are you taking?