I once again need help of you all.Well today i noticed that one new problem has occured,the font size and shape when i open any IE window has changed,i think it has become smaller.Even if i open any HTML page saved on my comp it has the smaller font size.

I didnt do any settings change it was that i searched something on google and when i saw the page the sizes were so small.I tried with internet options but there isnt anything that i can do. Please tell me how to restore it

I was getting lot of update notification and i used to update them and i think all these problems are due to that only so now i have disabled the update from the services section.Even the font size in the services window has become small.

One more thing the language bar always comes up by its own and then i need to go to toolbar to uncheck it.I dont understand when i dont check the language bar why it comes up by itself after reboot and most of the times while i am doing something.

Please help me,Thanks in advance


Go to the View Menu, select Text Size and then alter the setting.

Hey Catweazle, any idea what causes these things to change on their own? I recently had a similar problem that my son helped me resolve -- had to go to Tools, Internet Options, Accessibility, and under Formatting, I had to uncheck "Ignore colors specified on web pages." I had never even opened this 'Accessibility' area before, let alone make any changes to it!

Coding in web pages you view can make changes to your browser, and that can effect the behaviour next time the browser is used.

The best solution is to discontinue using Internet Explorer in favour of a browser such as Firefox, Mozilla or Opera, but even then the preference and settings should be used to ensure that Web Pages are not permitted to make such changes.

The whole problem is the shoddiness in the way some web pages are coded, and the vulnerability of IE to such things.

thanks Catweazle ..it worked .i increased the font size from text and it worked...hmm it happened same with me i never made any changes to the font size i didnt even know of it..seems some webpage made the changes....

yeah i have downloaded Firefox but after using IE for so many years i was at ease with it but no option,..

thanks once again .,..

Well, there is one way your font size could have "accidently" could have changed. While your IE is opened, if you hold the control button(Ctrl) and move up and down with mouse wheel, the size of everything will start to change. Most people don't know this, and think it is some bug. But it's not. Hope that helped some people also. !!!!