Can anyone help me on this?

After doing a system recovery, I can't seem to view anymore picture attachments (file extensions with .jpeg, .bmp etc) even if I have arcsoft photoviewer softaware.

I used to be able to open picture attachements automatically when I double-clicked on them.

Is there a function that will be enable to change the settings?


Do you have Windows Me? System Recovery in that OS is a pretty wonky and unreliable thing. If you have it and have used it, I would seriously consider downloading and reinstalling the full installation package for Inrenet Explorer, to try and correct any system corruption.

Software like Arcsoft Photoviewer, which comes on CDs which accompanies camers, scanners etc is crap! In fact all bundled software with such equipment is generally crap, and I'd recommend only ever installing drivers from the CDs which come with your equipment.

Try downloading and using IrfanView for working with your image files, rather than using the freebies you've got. But reinstall IE first, eh?