Hello all,

I have a dual boot with XP and Win7 and I am trying to rid myself of XP but it seems that the XP partition is the system partition.

Is there any way I can change the system partition to my Win7 partition?


re-install windows 7 and let it take over the entire hard drive.

Or you could try one of these methods

I like ancient dragons way of simplifying things!

There are a number of hard disk formatting / repartitioning programs and the better ones will allow the required partition to be made the primary partition and hence boot from that one.

This seems like a pretty simple and solid utility. You can set primary partitions with it. You may need to contact their support people about changing the Boot partition.


Froger93 is talking about the system partition, not the Boot partition and not the Primary partition. "System partitions and boot partitions are names for partitions (or volumes) on a hard disk that Windows uses when starting. These terms can be confusing because the system partition actually contains the files used to boot Windows 7, while the boot partition contains the system files"

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