Hi folks...
I hope someone can help me..
I'm having a really weird problem. My internet connection is fine and i can access all websites, but i can't access www.freepop.co.kr
This website is the only website i can't access..
Actually I wasn't able to access the website about 2 days ago..
but I could access it yesterday..
Very annoyingly, i can't access it again... not anymore..

I live in B.C. and i'm using shaw cable internet. Also, I have a router.
2 computers are connected to the router, and neither computer can access the website.

Plz give me a shout if you have any suggestion to fix this problem.
Thank you in advance

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That's odd. Is there any possiblity that the site was down when you tried to access it?

That's odd. Is there any possiblity that the site was down when you tried to access it?

I asked many of my friends to access the site at the same time if it is down or shut down while I tried to access it..... the site was find.. I was the only one couldn't access.. :sad:

Maybe you have a corrupt cached copy of this site.

Pressing CTRL+F5 would reset the cache.

I have the exact same problem, except it's about another site. I still can't figure it out, and I'm beginning to get really irritated...

I recently found a situation with a customer's site...she was using Comcast in the US. There was one javascript I had not yet migrated to the site and until I did, she could not see her site...perhaps that site you are trying to reach has a similar missing file and your shaw is just not rendering for lack of that file? Might be something totally different...but a thought...

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