I'm trying to format my hard drive. I've created a boot disk and changed my bios to boot from a: (yes it's an old pc) when I type format c: /s I get an error "Cannot Format a Network Drive" how do I fix this?

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Have you disconnected all other drives apart from A and C (also disconnected CD/DVD)? Is the jump lead on the boot HD set to master? Have you tried using another drive letter?

You might also try downloading the free Seagate Disc Wizard and boot from a CD and reformat in a pre OS environment that does not involve typing a comand line.


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Format .. /s : this is an MSDOS command to format and copy system files to the drive. With XP, why would you wish to do that? XP will not use them; it will write its own.
Further, when you install XP, Setup formats your selected drive - you get the choice of short [clears the master file table] or full [includes a quick surface check]. So just use your installation cd to do the job. Formatting is no big deal; it does not wipe your disk or anything, it just loses the stuff that is on it.

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