I have encountered a serious problem accessing my hard drive and booting up Windows XP. I am running windows XP on a Dell 8400 dimension workstation. I am getting the infamous blue screen of death with the error message 0x0000007B. I suspect that I am a victim of a virus . As suggested I ran a repair from a Windows CD recovery disk and it seemed to run okay and indicated that everything was fine however when I rebooted I still received the same old blue screen. . Help Mode is of no help as the options all lead me back to the blue screen. Therefore I tried something different.

I booted up from the Windows Recovery CD and when prompted hit the letter R on the first screen which placed me into a C:\windows prompt. From there I was able to go to the root directory and I was able to list the folders that have my data in them. However when I attempted to open these folders I received an error message of "Access is denied" and could go no further. I checked the attributes on these directories and they are only showing an attribute of d=directory. I tried different things with the attrib command to see if I could get around the access problem but to no avail.

I ran a chkdsk /p and it came back indicating that there were no problems. I am running out of options and am quickly reaching the point where I am considering doing a complete reinstall of windows, however I don't want to lose my data. Can anyone suggest how I might be able to access my data files and skirt around that "access is denied" message? Thank you

chkdsk /p
try that again but add a /r
chkdsk /p /r

also blue screen can be caused by faulty ram

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