I am trying to install windows me and after puting in the start up disc it states the following: Cover previously remove...Primary hard disc (1) not found...In the bios setup there is a primary drive (0) listed which states the following:Type Auto..Size 4326 however drive 1 states Type Auto and nothing else is listed for drive 1....Any suggestions or can I change the (0) drive to a (1) in the bios...Would this solve the problem or can it be done this way? ...Thanks

Giving us specific info about the computer and its configuration would really help it wouldn't be a Dell by any chance, would it?), but here are a couple of general thoughts:

1. "Cover previously removed" is just a warning message that some computer's will give you to indicate that the case has been opened before. The "warning" is harmless, and you should find a place In your BIOS to turn that notification off.

2. If the computer only has one drive installed, it will be "Drive 0". Again- look in the BIOS for anything related to detection of a second (possibly SATA) hard drive. If you find such an option enabled but have no second drive installed, disable that option.

3. It is perfectly normal for the BIOs to identify installed hard drives as "Auto" or "Auto detected".

Thanks so much for clearifying this issue for me. There was a second drive listed and now Windows is installed and up and running...Thanks again for the help..

Glad we could help you get it sorted out. :)