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cheers in advance:cheesy:

I can see your title, marceta, but could you please also explain just what your problem is?

Are they changing and you don't want them to? Do you want to change them and don't know how to? Your question is a bit vague.

ahh sorry:P i have donwloaded an awesome abstract background, but the left side is majority white and light colours, so i would like to change the text colour under the icons to black, i used to have this but now i dont!

thx again

Well, there's no way to do that inbuilt with Windows XP. you've most likely tried and noticed that the 'color' setting is blanked out for icon text. But it can be done using a utility program. Here are a few alternatives for you to consider:

12Ghosts SetColor (Windows, $29.95 shareware):
Quote: "Set the text color of your desktop icons. You may also make the background transparent. Although Windows does not allow changing these colors, this special tool can, automatically and easily."

SillySot Software's Iconoid (Windows, sillyware):
Quote: "Iconoid is a Windows desktop icon manager.
Make icon backgrounds transparent
Select any color for icon backgrounds"

CursorArts' ActivIcons (Windows, freeware):
Quote: "ActivIcons makes it simple to change properties for various icons on your Windows desktop and in Explorer, plus attributes for many other desktop settings. You can save and restore the desktop layout, repair corrupted icons, increase the size of the Windows icon cache to prevent future problems, and much more."

thx mate

the 12ghosts is really good:D