I everyone stumble across this website/forum..after many hours using mozilla due to 3 facts..and boy if you guy could help me i'd be much obliged.

Msn 7.0 and below all have problems:
they are as soon as i sign in it closes the program down.
but not windows messenger, that works fine.

Ie 6
As soon as i have completed a search in yahoo or google it closes down the browser. tried everything, hjt, microsoft antisyp beta1, adaware, pc doctor, and avg, nortons, so many listing them would take a while!

So many popups even with the yahoo pop up blocker etc, they come randomly, this pc i think has been on porn sites, due to the fack i left it at my brother in laws house..single guy etc etc...i used the adware full version and ran all possible plugins for it. i just have no where else to turn apart from formatting my hd and starting again.

anyway, any input would be appreciated..and advice too thanks all.

oooh abit long winded eh?

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