Hi, i bought a new P4 with XP to replace my old PII, Win2000, 64meg ram

I would like to possibly sell my PII, but it needs to be cleaned up i.e. preferably HDD wiped and start again with XP. Is it worth it given i have only 64 meg ram on my old machine?

If so, can someone advise easiest way to wipe the HDD and install XP?



The recommended minimum requirement of windows xp is a 300 MHz processor and 128 MB of RAM.

Yes you can install xp on a 233MHz processor and 64 MB of RAM .. but it'll be too slow.

I agree with Nanosani, I once installed XP on a 233MHz system with 64 MB of RAM and it worked, but wasn't 'usable.'

If you're going to sell it, why would you want to go through the expense of installing XP anyway?

For your reference, you can find complete instructions for installing XP here:

A PII isn't worth much, even if it had a lot of RAM. I have a PII with Win 98SE and 512MB RAM, and have already "retired" it. Put the old PII on eBay "as is" and take whatever you can get, or just toss it.

Just my humble onpinon.

PII with at least 256Mb of RAM makes an EXCELLENT Linux based file server.

If you want to wipe your hard drive, use Symantec's gdisk utility with a /dod. Or, better yet, don't sell your PC with the hard drive. If you aren't planning on using the drive, take a hammer to it. That'll ensure that no one will try and get personal info off of it.


BTW, the gdisk utility comes with Norton Ghost.

I did that recently, I just booted the machine up with a DOS boot floppy disk and used FDISK to delete the primary partition (don't reformat the drive). Then I went into setup to set the machine to boot from CD ROM, inserted the XP CD and restarted. XP just did the rest.

PII with at least 256Mb of RAM makes an EXCELLENT Linux based file server.

I was thinking in terms of a useful Windows XP "home computer," not a server. Sorry about the confusion. You're right, it would make an excellent Linux server.