OK ... system specs...
Running Windows XP Home
AMD Athlon XP 2200+
ATI Radeon 9600 PRO
1 gig pos ram but works.
Asus A7V266-E Mobo.
Mouse Keyboard yeah im cool...
ATX kase, Koolance, PC2 or what ever ... 430 watt Enermax PWR Supply, not that any of this matters...
Some Network Card...
Really cool case blower...
Some 24X CD Rom...
2 Hardrives, 1 works (the one that counts) otherunknown.
No hardware conflicts in Device Manager...

Ok ... now for some history ...
This computer used to have to run Windows ME when I had a G-Force 4 TI-4200 ... in XP it would freeze at any graphics ... IE Warcraft 3 / any other game ... in ME it worked pretty stable ... in XP it would run my desktop and IE and simple stuff but not graphics ... hence I switched to the Radeon 9600 PRO ... everything was working ok ... then at some point I dont remember when ... it started randomly freezing ... I paid it little heed at first ... eventually reformatted ... and then I thought maybe my water cooling was f'ed b/c I let it run really low / maybe out ... and it got a bunch of desposits ... so I took the water cooling out ... loaded the machine with fans (tonight) ... and booted it up... at first no picture ... I then heard beeps .. indicating bad ram ... then I remembered oh yeah 1 of my 3 ram slots is bad ... or somehting ... or maybe theres a "master" slot for ram im not sure ... so I swapped it and booted up, everything was working fine ... went into Warcraft 3 .... went afk a minute or 2 ... bam ... frozen ... crap im thinking its still doing it ... (randomly freezing) oh well I figure and reboot ... this time it freezes at the "welcome to windows" screen ... im like crap don't do this... reboot it again ... and boom freezes after the windows screen where it has the loading bar .. at a black screen with my mouse (not movable) and have tried rebooting plenty of times, to no avail. sometimes ... it doesn't freeze it just reboots .. and then reboots again at same screen and again and again and again .. u get the picture, I don't think any hardware should be bad ... b/c what could cause such random ... spontaneous symptoms ... and what would change them all of the sudden when its been doing the symptoms for ages ... ALSO ... when I play Everquest not once has it frozen or rebooted on me ... in WC3 / internet explorer it has all the time but not once in EQ ... so that also is another factor ... please please help! I will be checking forum every 5 minutes for answers ... and will respond to any questions thank you all!

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omfg ... i been trying to fix this for like months ... and i might just have 10 seconds ago ... I think one of my cheap pos ram sticks is like "working" but not at 100% capacity


we will see to your problems as sooon as we can

try updating all your drivers and see if this helps the problems also check to see if your windows updates are up to date along with any patches for the games you play


I figured it out ... was a ram bank issue ... I fried em ... but its long and confusing to explain ... b/c it wasn't just like it fried over night ... or gave ram bank frying symptoms blah ... also had other conflicting problems ... blah ... NOW ... I got a new mobo. and I reformatted and installed windows xp home and now it won't read CD's ... but it read the CD to install XP ... go figure ... im sure ill figure it out ...

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