I installed a new Windows Server 2003 SP1 box, and added Media Streaming and IIS (as well as Darwin, but I'll leave that out for now). I can't seem to get Windows Media Streaming to work with IIS installed, even if the service is stopped. Once I uninstall IIS, it works again. I can't even stream to the server itself through the testing part of the MMC, so it's not a firewall issue. Has anyone else gotten them to work together? MS says that they should interoperate just fine, and I've even gone through the trouble of binding the site to a different IP address on the NIC, though I'm not trying to stream on port 80.


can you provide more details as to what exactly youre doing and what you've done to rectify the problem? I may be able to help you out then

So standlone they work together they do not?

If only Windows Media Services is installed, it works. If I install IIS, IIS works fine, but any reference to mms://servername/filename fails. From the server itself, it appears that mms:// works, but that doesn't help.