I installed a new Windows Server 2003 SP1 box, and added Media Streaming and IIS (as well as Darwin, but I'll leave that out for now). I can't seem to get Windows Media Streaming to work with IIS installed, even if the service is stopped. Once I uninstall IIS, it works again. I can't even stream to the server itself through the testing part of the MMC, so it's not a firewall issue. Has anyone else gotten them to work together? MS says that they should interoperate just fine, and I've even gone through the trouble of binding the site to a different IP address on the NIC, though I'm not trying to stream on port 80.


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can you provide more details as to what exactly youre doing and what you've done to rectify the problem? I may be able to help you out then

So standlone they work together they do not?

If only Windows Media Services is installed, it works. If I install IIS, IIS works fine, but any reference to mms://servername/filename fails. From the server itself, it appears that mms:// works, but that doesn't help.

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