Hi all,

I was thinking of customizing my IE internet security settings on my new PC and I have a few questions.

Is disabling Meta Refresh a good idea? I know it has something to do with updating pages or redirecting a user to a new URL from an old one. I've heard both good and bad things about it. Is it a security hole? Should I be worried about having it enabled? I've heard that it can be used to redirect a user to dangerous sites.
I have Protected Mode enabled, and McAfee Security Center running at all times. I would assume this means that IE would block any potentially dangerous site from loading.

Does disabling Meta Refresh affect performance in any way?

What is "Open files based on content not file extension"? Should I have this enabled or disabled?

Should I just stick with default settings (Medium-high) instead?

disabling meta refresh could break a few websites, especially download sites which will redirect you to a mirror to download a file. Many mail sites like yahoo sometimes use refresh after the initial login to take you to a less secure page.

Make sure all your favorite sites work well without the refresh and then maybe you could leav it off.