When watching a live video (Eagles in nest) it freezes up in about 3 seconds. The chat line around it doesn't freeze. Any suggestions on what I can do to repair this. I have watched it for a couple of months without this happening. Thank you.

This happens for only one reason: Something in the chain of transmission is too busy to keep up with the video:

- If this is a live webcam, more people might be accessing the site. The site then can't keep up with serving all of the users now using it. You can't do anything about this unless you own the site.

- The Internet Service Provider (ISP) serving that site may be overloaded. You can't do anything about that either.

Note: If this site fails, but other sites behave normally, at least one of the above two causes is true.

- Your ISP may be overloaded. You could change ISPs.

- Your computer might be overloaded. You can do the following:

1. Make sure you have enough RAM.
2. Close all other windows.
3. Stop such processes as alarm clocks and reminders.
4. Use your fastest disk for the download buffer.