I rebooted my laptop using the disc that came with it. I was getting the BSoD, so I figured I would just reboot it and start over. I'm supposed to have about 220gb of memory, but i says that I only have 38gb free space. There are none of the old files on it, but it shows the same disc space taken up as before. Could someone please tell me how to fix this. Thanks

Do you mean you reloaded your laptop?

I used the OS disk that came with the computer, and chose the "Install Vista" option. The disk says that it is supposed to erase all data and files, which technically it did, but it still shows that the disk space is taken up.

Thanks for trying to help, but I found out what the problem was. It saved all the files from before the reboot into a folder named "Windows.old". The folder was hidden somewhere, and I managed to find out about it while doing a scan of my computer. It showed the temp internet files in that destination. I appreciate the effort. Thanks

windows.old can hog up your drive sometimes. who came up with the stupid idea of windows.old anyway. it should be made optional. just delete it via disk cleanup should you ever reinstall windows again. glad to see your problem solved :)