So, I finally got my HDD to fire up again in my Dell 3000.

Now there's a new problem. I spun it all up and it got so far as the scrolling Windows XP logo. Then, after that screen went away, I got a blank, black screen. Nothing happened. The HDD reading light blinked a few times, but that's about it. I did a hard shutdown and booted into safe mode, and when I got into Windows, it asked me for the driver disk for my PNY GeForce 5500. I gave it to the machine and when it finished playing with itself I rebooted, yet I still got no screen after the scroll. Any ideas?

One other peculiar thing. I noticed that the fan is spinning up to a VERY loud speed. It seems like the fan thinks the CPU is ridiculously overheated, yet the air it's shooting out the rear end of the case is quite cool. I was wondering if this might be the problem: When I was swapping the mobo out during my previous troubleshooting process, I had to seperate the heatsink from the processor. The thermal paste was seperated, but when I put it back together, I assumed the paste was touching again. Could this be wrong?

And why am I lacking a screen here? lol.


I'd pull out the video card you added, first.

Second, you could have broken the "seal" that the thermal paste created. You'll want to clean the heatsink, and apply more any time that you take off that heatsink. It's very possible that your processor is overheating.

Did you swap the mobo out with a Dell one? Are you not concerned with voiding any warranties?