I cant unlock a user files to share on computer 2. Both 1 & 2 use win 7 64. Both in homegroup, both having work as location both use same user and pword. Both computers have the password stuff turned off and network etc. Both computers can see each other. Comp 2 can access comp 1 but 1 can see the share on 2 but 'does nt have permission)! I have checked the read write permissions all ok. I have even downloaded the reg fix o 'take ownership' and run that. I still cannot get comp 1 to access the files of user on comp2.
I have a router and ethernet and wireless connections but they all work for the rest of the net, printers and xp machines!
Comp 1 can access all the public files on comp 2 so it cant be firewall! as well but not the visible shared user ones.
There is a padlock on the users files on comp 2 and I cannot seem to get rid of that under the sharing. (even advanced sharing)
Any suggestions please.

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ta Bob, we seem to follow the same route at times!

I tried many suggestions and in the end created two new administrators on each machine same ID same password and

Yes it works, but why I have not a clue as there were two already there!!

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