Okay, here is the long and short of it.
Today is April 25th 6:48 MST
I want my computer clock to be set to uhm let's say the 17th of April.
I right click on the time in the bottom right corner (windows XP proffessional) I click "Adjust Date/Time"
I click on the 17th of April and hit APPLY
within SECONDS it jumps back to
April 25th.

I have clicked on the "internet time" tab and disabled the synchronization there. I have searched my computer to see if at some point I downloaded one of those synch clocks like atomic clock or something, and I don't see anything.
I have disconnected my computer from the internet and tried again (this worked! But alas, it's like oxygen, I can't go without for long. Even if I'm not using it, just knowing it's a click away...) So I know it has SOMETHING to do with that...

And to the point:
If I want today to be the 17th then by golly my computer should tell me it's the 17th!!!! I've done this on a million (okay maybe not QUITE that many, but still...) computers and yet for some reason I CAN NOT GET THE SYNCHRONIZATION DISABLED!!!! :mad:

So yeah, not a dire issue, but aggrevating none the less!
Hope y'all have plenty of suggestions for me!

(Stupid real time games and thier addictiveness! =P)

P.S. I set my firewall to "allow no internet traffic" just to see if a warning would pop up indicating something having to do with the clock accessing the internet and nothing did...

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Did you do some spyware scanning recently ??

sounds like you are trying to rollback the clock, are you trying to trick your shareware into thinking you are within 30 days :twisted:

i have no idea, if you have a firewall you can block the two servers time.windows.com and time.nist.gov check to see if there are any other servers in your list under the "internet time" tab, if there are then block those servers also. if the clock still updates then you might have some spyware, make sure to run adaware AND spybot

We ran all the virus scan/spyware stuff we have (We had a problem with "cannot find server" for a while and had to deal with that, and basically cleaned the computer out very thoroughly.)

I haven't seen the .gov thing, but all the servers are blocked.

P.S. no it's not for shareware... it's for a game I have... the shops restock once a day, and I'm very impatient to buy stuff...

1st you can't turn back the clock to use shareware longer, just reinstall and clear all mention of said program from your regestry.

2nd to turn off syncro, go into services and disable there AND into MSCONFIG and disable there as well.

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