I'm stumped.

I get a complete freeze after startup -- not at a consistent point, though. Sometimes it happens when i'm starting up a program. Sometimes out of the blue. Sometimes I get 20 min of use ... sometimes 5 min ...

Everything locks -- nothing responds. (Also, strangely, the NumLock key light goes on.) I can't do a Ctrl-Alt-Del or anything ... have to manually shut down the computer.

I can open in safe mode and things work fine.

Here's what I'm running:

HP Pavilion XT 983
XP Home Edition
SP2 Build 2600
Bios Phoenix 3.06
1.4GHz Athlon

ANY IDEAS, HELP, SYMPATHY would be greatly appreciated.


Is this after adding Service pack 2. When I installed SP2 on my PC, it completely crashed. I did a system restore and have only installed SP2 after a rebuild. At work, installing SP2 is always the first thing I do after the operating system is installed.

Make sure you have checked fully for Viruses, and spyware. I know someone who claims to have had problems after Windows Update ran, but it could of come from elsewhere.

Could you look in Event Viewer (Admin Tools). Post any system errors or warnings that occur at the time of the problem.

If it helps, you at least have my sympathy.