I have a network with dozens of XP clients controlled by a Windows 2008 domain controller. One client, and only one of them, takes 3-4 minutes to log in. This is only the case after a reboot. If I log off and log on as a new user without restarting it works fine. I have tried to login using different usernames after the reboot and it is the same effect for each one, so I do not think it is profile related. I have seen mention of DNS issues causing this problem, but I have followed all the advice along those lines and still the problem persists. I have even installed the Profile Hive Cleanup utility.

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client enter the network, but the process of preparing the desktop delayed for a long time


Yes I understand.

Can you ping the server from the machine?

Please post the results

To ping do the following

Click on Start->Run
type 'cmd' without quotes
then type 'ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' without quotes
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the servers IP.


yes I can
I can ping any PC
apply computer settings
just problem
I whit


My problem lies in the apply computer settings , I try to log into my account, that Delays of more than 3 minutes and not in the communicative network to work, I upgraded the server from the net and then to 2003 to 2008.

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