So about three months ago a virus was rampaging my parents old DELL 2400, and I did not feel like fooling with it so I took it to a computer repair place to add some anti-virus ware and get rid of the little booger. Now, however; the thing gets stuck at the dell load screen and wont let me do anything as if it is frozen. At first I thought it was maybe the power supply but now I am not so sure. If somone knows anything about these old DELLs please help me out... my parents are too old to get readjusted to a new computer.

Its not the power supply.

If you mean the dell load screen that first comes up not the when windows is loading then this is POST and it is checking hardware you can try flushing bios by pressing f2 or del at the first screen. this will take you to bios restore it to factory settings.

If you mean the second screen after post just before windows loads this would make more sense and suggested the virus infected an important dll and the antivirus deleted it so press F8 during boot select safe mode if it then boots we know this is the case so get some backup software i recommend Dmailer Backup from because its free and very diverse. Backup your data and reinstall windows i would definately format given the age of the computer.

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Yes it was the first screen that says DELL, but this problem seemed to solve itself because now it works perfectly fine. I do , however; thank you for the advice and will make use of the software that you suggested.