Hi all,
It seems that I have a problem that many others had before,
(judging from other postings on this forum)
though I did not manage to find an answer so I post it again.

My Windows Media player has no sound.

Well, it is not a hwarware problem. I have sound.
I can actually play any file (mp3 or video, xvid, or DVD) with
any other program (e.g., mplayer) without a problem.
All the windows sounds work perfectly.

Only think that does not work is the sound when playing something
on WMP.

Funny thing: I logged out and logged in again as a different user.
Everything works fine for all the other users apart from me. :sad:

If it is about a codec, why it is not affecting the other users?
How do I find the installed codecs of WMP?

By the way I have WMP 11. I have tried to unistalled it and install
it back. No difference.
Everything was working fine until today that I discovered it
but I do not know for how long it has this problem ...

Any ideas what to do?
Thanks in advance.

what worked for me was to delete all my audio devices from device manager then reboot and run the add new hardware wizard

Thanks a lot Jbennet,
it worked for the too. Great!
Note however that the first time I tried, it did NOT work
because I removed only the sound devices. I had to remove
the bluetooth as well (XP considers it an audio device
but categorizes it elsewhere).

k didnt know that

my dad had this problemn when he upgraded to WMP11 (every windows update seems to break it again) and thats how i came about this fix