Hey recently my explorer.exe messed up and wouldn't open, and now whenever I try to reinstall Windows 7, it says that all the sources for installation aren't available. I've tried formatting my hard drive but that didn't do anything. Any1 got any ideas as to how I can fix this to make Windows install again? Whenever I boot from my Windows 7 DVD and Windows XP cd they both blue screen of death in the middle of installation. I formatted my hard drive through my Windows XP cd.

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you may not even have any ,but try removing all add in cards

I don't have any add in cards.


is your windows dvd original?If yes then you can go to the microsoft home page and ask them,maybe they can help to you.(i hope that your win7 is not a rc version cause these beta versions will die)..if not then,try to format your hard drive with the windows xp cd,use full format (not the quick)
if it has any partition (like d:\ or something) then back up your data from that and format that too.If everything went fine then try the win7 to format the c:\ drive,and install it.

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