Hi again..

It appears that I am cursed... I just gotmy XP pro machine back and running on a fresh install and reinstalled all my software and it was running perfectly... then i went to upgrade from a Nvidia FX 5200 card to an ATI all in wonder 2006 edition card.. i uninstalled the Nvidia drivers then turned off the machine, pulled the old card and installed the new one... rebooted.. windows came up fine, however windows didnt immediatly detect the new card.. then the system froze with no errors... just hung... i rebooted and i got message, "hal.dll is missing"

why would a video card delete very fragile windows files??

im still cursed..


boot to you winxp cd and run the repair

okay, did that... but now i have a ton of popup errors with office XP...

should i just wipe windows and start over?? is it worth trying to save office XP?? or is there a fix?



I have a feeling that when you deleted the old drivers, you removed a shared component, and that is causing the problem.

Might be a smart move to start over. It is possible to work with the video drivers from Safe Mode, but your computer might be too corrupt to do that.


ok, I think i found a remedy for anyone in the same boat as me... the file that was messed up and causing popup errors was MSDART.dll...

I googled that and came up with the problem i was having.. i downloaded a package from a website that told a little bit about the problem, and installed it, now i get no errors and runs like a charm.. I forget the "K" number of the MS package i downloaded, but if anyone has the same problem, just google msdart.dll and you should be golden after that....

I may still do a fresh install just to be safe, as I havent activated XP yet.. I figured id wait until i was positive everything was working right.. I hate having to reinstall 5 or 6 times then having to call MS to get a new code...


thanks guys for the help.. :cheesy: :cheesy:

If you suspect problems with a new XP installation it's certainly a wise move to start over and get it right before activating :D