Hello; is anybody able to help with this problem.
My disc drives C & D work mechanically with all lights flashing but my computer does not read the files. My hard disc is fine. I believe the cause of the problem is this error message which pops up every time I start up my computer
" You cannot be authorised on due to the following reason . The volume does not contain a recognised file system.
Please make sure that all required file system drives are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted.
Do you want to select another preferred server or context.


If I choose yes then a message appears which makes no sense to me but probably would to a techie. When I press NO the computer boots up and functions as normal except I cannot use any of my cd's.

Have checked for a virus or parasite; all clear. Do not want to use system restore yet since this would be my last resort; keep losing recent downloads when I use that option.
Me thinks it could be the drivers but I'm very cautious about removing existing drivers and installing new ones.

Have been unable to resolve this problem for over a week now, can anybody help please ?



what operating system? can you boot to safe mode? press F5 during boot.

Press F8 during boot to boot into safe mode. How many hard drives have you installed in your pc? Are you accessing the c drive in your administrative account? Are there any local computer policies which are restricting the use of c and d drives?

Thanks for replying to my problem. I only have a standard internal hard drive, C drive.My disc drives, D & E, ( think I labelled them wrong in my original thread ) do not function correctly. I do believe my C drive is covered by my administrative account, not totally sure about that. I am not aware of any local computer policies restricting the use of my D & E drives. I do have to enter a password when booting up my computer and it is after entering the password and clicking OK that the message appears. Does this help shed some light on the problem ?