We are having a major problem with our Windows ME boot-up. Yesterday my boyfriend downloaded a recent Windows Automatic Update. As soon as the download completed, the computer froze and he restarted. The computer then booted up to the login page and after loggin in, you hear the pretty music telling you that you are logged in. The wallpaper shows up, but that's it. It's stops there and goes from the hour glass, to hour glass with pointer, to just the pointer. Every time we restart - this happens. He tried loading in Safe mode, and actually got to the desktop, but nothing was clickable and the computer was more or less frozen - but the mouse could move around the screen.

Any ideas? This seems like a major problem to us and we are pretty concerned.

Thank you very much for any help!

Explorer isn't working. Try to boot it in DOS mode and run scan disk to fix any drive errors. Also, scan disk can replace your registry with an older, working one. :cheesy:

Hope this helps.