I searched through the threads and did not find my problem already posted...so here goes....

Nearly every time I left-click on the "download" button on a website to download an application (such as a printer driver or other application such as the latest Adobe software for example), the next screen that appears shows....
(1) the address for the .exe in the address bar (as you might exepct)
(2) the word "done" in the lower tray of the screen (as you might expect)
(3) the body of the screen is completely blank with the exception of a small white square in the upper left hand corner of the screen. In this small white square is a red square, a green circle and a blue triangle. This seems very odd to me.

There are certainly times at which I can take an alternative approach and do a right-click and do a "save target as" command and download the application successfully that way....BUT, sometimes the "download" button is not coded in a way that allows you to do that.....plus, I am frankly stymied by what is going on!


  • I have had this problem for months and months.
  • It did not begin upon the addition of any new software or hardware.
  • Although I am running WinXP now, I had this problem on the same PC under Win98.
  • Although I am running IE6.0 SP1, I have had this problem with the previous versions of IE as well.
  • Although I have had a cable internet conection for a year, I had this problem with dial-up as well

Ugh! Does anyone have any idea what is going on here?

Thanks in advance!

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Sorry if I am being dense on this point, but under "Tools", "Internet Options", the tab "Advanced".....I see no entry for "allow download on demand."

Am I looking in the right place?

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