I'm staring an Acer laptop, it just stops at windows is starting up...and it ends there.

if none of the above works try using a linux boot cd to check what files are available.

if none of the above works try using a linux boot cd to check what files are available.

hi , not to butt in to this thread but! i see posts all the time telling people to use them [even did myself]im trying to learn how to use those linux live cd to fix windows boot problems and was wondering what this poster should do to fix his problem ,thanks

the use of linux enables one to get the machine to a point where one can examine the files on the hard disk when the windows start up fails. _I do fully realise that a lot depends on the knowledge and skill of the user when one is looking at MBR's and also at what windows files are actually in the start up routine;
clearly accessing the boot.ini file and also the boot log files can tell a lot but only if you can get at them and the linux can provide you with a file manager and text editor that can allow you to view or replace files.
You can also list the files in various directorys (C: root or windows) to see if files like the NTLDR etc are there.
I am not a particular fanatic of linux but when all else fails in the use of windows (other than a complete format and restore) it can be a useful tool.
I am also aware that there are other 'boot'" options with other system CDs and google or a good text book will give further advice. I thank Caperjack for those comments and take on board the ideas that what needs to be done is to diagnose what is actually wrong and hence my fuller suggestions here that would enable the tintshisolo newbie to follow some routes that are often 'hidden' to new users etc.

I usually suggest Linux as a way to access their drive and back up what the need, from there on It is recommended to do a fresh install.

I just think it's faster to do a clean install instead of finding the problem and fixing it.

I gave up on Windows when Vista Came out full Linux Convert. Not even half as much hassle as windows.

P.S. Since there are so many Distros I like to make it simple and Suggest one. I recommend LinuxMint as it has a very intuitive GUI. Maybe Ubuntu as it has better community support IMO, but the interface looks to alien for a Windows user.