I am trying to install some software on WIndows 2000 pro and I get:
"Preparing to install"
forever (it simply gets stuck at this stage)

Any Idea?


what kind of software??? you may need extra tools for each program that you want to run. so gotta be more specific than that…

thanks I resvoled the problem by deleting the key from the registry
Thanks again

Could you tell me which registry key you deleted? I am having the same problem. Thanks!

So you solved it by yourself dude .. marking the thread as solved....

Quit being a crackhead nanosani.

Quit being a crackhead nanosani.

If you have any problems ... start your own thread ................

zhzh has solved his/her problem and my task as a moderator is to mark the thread as solved when the person says that the problem has been solved ............... Thats exactly what I did..