This randomly ahppened about 1-2 weeks ago. Since then ive tried everything google threw at me. Disabling the antivirus e-mail scanning, een that didnt work. Ive tested the settings, nothing. Bu strange thing is, my friend who is on the same ISP (blueyonder) is having no problems with it. The only other option left is to reinstall Microsoft Outlook 2003 i think it is unless anyone can help. ive also edited settings and put them back to nromal is anything didnt work.

I was wondering if anyone had a solution because its getting a bit annoying now.

Click Start and then click Run
Type Regedit and then click Ok
Locate the key:


On the Edit menu click New> DWORD
Type UseInetcommCS and then press Enter
Right click UseInetcommCS and then click Modify
In the Value data box type 1 and then click Ok
Close the Registry Editor
Restart the Computer

Posted By Abhishek Mitra . TSE .

Do you use that Norton rubbish? If so "Click Norton personal firewall click configure. On the networking tab click Trusted add the Pop3 mail server address and the SMTP server address,
Click OK." (this was found elsewhere on the net via google).