Hi I am having trouble installing Windows XP on a new hard drive while connected to a computer i have and was wondering if there were a way to install it using a usb storage adapter for an IDE hard drive? The computer is a dell optiplex sx260 (workstation computer) so its hard drives are laptop style. Currently when i try to boot from the disc while it is connected to this computer it sits at the "press any key to boot from CD..."

Anyone have any ideas i could try to get windows installed? or is it possible the hard drive is bad?


It is possible that the Hardrdive is bad, but it could also be the CD, can you test if the CD works on another Machine.

As for installing Windows on the USB does your BIOS let you boot to USB? Google says yes, but if it doesn't let you try and Update Your BIOS, when you are installing The Drive will come up on the Partition Selection Menu.

Can you please tell me why you are changing the harddrive was there a problem?

Thanks for the suggestions but i was able to install after connecting it to another computer and formatting it.

Glad to hear you solved your problem.