I need help. Every time someone emails me my outlook send them a blank email. This just started happening this week. I cant find how to stop this. MY ISP says they cant help me that it is my problem. I had downloaded Freebusy 2003 on June 1st. because I went on vacation, but the problem with the blank auto responder just started last week 6/13. I have disabled the freebusy but the problem with the blank emails being sent to anyone who emals me is still there. Any help out there?


Check to see if you have some sort of rule / filter operating within the Outlook program. It is possible to setup rules to manage emails within the program itself.


I have a similiar problem. The emails are completely blank - no sent, no recieved, no subject, no to, and no internet header info in the View Options window. Are yours like this?
These are being sent to the client machine on a Windows Workgroup every 20 - 35 minutes throughout the day.
By the way - There is no evidence on this machine of any spyware (using HijackThis) and the Virus Control is uptodate and working.

Okay, what the problem could be is that you have auto reply turned on, on the side pannel , click optios. then look for an empty box simmilar to the quick reply box at the end of this thread. under/above it should have the autoreply on off switch, check to see if its on, if it is turn it off.