Hi, I'm experiencing problems with one of my hotmail accounts. It's running extremlely slowly. Why trying to construct an email, after just a few words it freezes, cursor sticks, "loading" icon appears bottom LH of screen, waiting circle appears and sometimes screen will turn light grey, give it about a minute and I can then type again, only for it to happen again and again. Most frustrating. Any suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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the fact that it's only one of you hotmail accts is weird

It is odd, I've got 4 linked hotmail accounts, and I've checked all 4, and definitely only happens on one, it started after I began emailing a new contact a week ago. I have now discovered it only happens when I email this contact on their business email account, their private hotmail account is fine. To start with their business email was ok for about the first 10-15 emails. Never experienced this before, should I avoid emailing the business email, could it have a virus? So it appears it's not a hotmail problem as I first thought.


weird ,try just creating a new mail construct the message and then add the business's email address,and send it


I also had the same problem I everytime I would access my hotmail account it would freeze up. In the status bar it would saying something like "waiting for acd." and so on, so I started to look into what programs i had recently installed that could be causing the problem. The last download happened to be the CA security that i got with roadrunner, so i removed it and it fixed the problem. It appears that for some reason CA was conflicting with hotmail, and it was also slowing down my internet speed. After removing it, my computer worked faster and I can now access my hotmail, but now I'm looking for a new security software, sucks cause CA was free.

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