I was using my camera this morning and had no problem connecting it and moving files from it...
This evening when I tried to plug the camera it just refuses to recognize it. Then I did some investigation of the matter and saw that ANYTHING that is USB my windows wouldnt recognize...
I'm using windows XP SP2.
I also tested my keyboard with USB and not PS2 and its not working aswell, I have power and I can click numlock and all and if I plug a flash drive it has a light on it so I dont think its a motherboard/bios problem...

I was looking deeper into it and saw that I dont have in my device manager something called "Human interface devices"
So I tried installing it and it gives me an error (Code10).

Any ideas, its really frustrating going to my 2nd computer and using USB and having to move it throught the network...


I think your USB port is knackered.

Have you got USB ports on front and back of computer ? If so try front if using back, etc

Also make there is no dirt in port or paper, etc. I have seen paper in them which stops them working.

If this fails go and buy a usb card to slot in.


Well im quiet sure its not the USB ports because they get power, they are trying to be installed tho windows fails to recognize them...

I tried all my USB ports, I even disconnected the front ones from the Motherboard and reconnect them, didnt work...

USB ports have four pins, of which two are power and two signal. So you can have power without signal.

Sometimes usb ports on front of computer are connected to different controller to rear which was why I suggested going to opposite.

I would get a new USB card and install.

Is PC under warranty ? If so get hold of supplier.