The last day something unusual has started happening to my computer.. when ever i click shutdown from the start menu or shut down the computer in any way it restarts basically immediately after. The only way i have found to shutdown my computer is by unplugging the power or turning of the switch on the power supply which works temporarily but when i replug or connect it back to power it boots or restarts. Now this happened a while ago to me when i had xp and supposedly got fixed when i installed windows 7. I have tried a few things to fix it such as:
- Turn of wakeup options for network adapter in the device manager.
- Turned of automatic restart on failure in system restore and power management.
- Tried a system restore to a previous date.
- Turned off any wakeup options in bios.

Its also weird because my computer was working completely fine until yesterday when it started happening and i havnt installed anything new in the last few days so i dont see why it would just start doing this randomly.

anyway any help would be much appreciated... its not a major problem but enough to bug and annoy me so i want to fix it without reinstalling windows 7 because i dont want to do that and would be a big pain considering all the stuff i have to reinstall and find.

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any one got any solutions or help?

There is one thing that comes to mid but it's kind of a long shot. Someone might have tampered with your "shutdown" button making it call the restart procedure rather then shutdown.
Try running:

shutdown -s -t0


Or it could be hardware problem. Try changing the power supply unit in your computer. If the problem still occur than it could be your motherboard.

If you use windows vista or 7, try this one thing: start-->run-->cmd-->shutdown /p

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