Hi all, my uncle handed me his laptop and asked me to clean a virus. I used Kaspersky AV Boot to clean out the virus, and I was able to restore internet connectivity once that was done. I tried to run a virus scan and it kept getting stuck in the Kaspersky Labs virus definitions folders, so I uninstalled it and put Avast on instead. I kept freezing on the same folder (though a scan of JUST that folder came up virus free) and then manually removed the kaspersky folders in DOS. Finally, it let me get past the 10%-18% mark after I did that, but keeps getting stuck around the 80% - 87% mark.

Also, in the in-between times I've tried to run a full CHKDSK scan, once it get to stage 4 of 5 (verifying files?) it gets to the 13th file (of 17,000) and freezes, I have to shut down. A regular CHKDSK (only does 3 steps) always finishes and comes up clean.

I have two more courses of action I'm taking after this one: run a virus scan in safe mode, and then using UBCD to try to get a better diagnosis. Anyone else out there think they know what the problem is and can help further?

this could just as much be a software problem as it is a hardware problem, how old is the computer?

I recommend you to run CHKDSK in dos mode if you didn't perform this action..