my computer keeps randomly crashing and its driving me insane. :evil: i dont know whats causing it, but is there some log somewhere that catalogs windows crashes. not applications errors in msinfo32, but something that could detect what driver[s] or software may be causing this?

at first i was thinking this may be a hardware problem or hardware related. but i have a feeling its something thats in the software now. my comp rebooted like 3 times in a row within 10 mins, so i booted in safe mode and it hasnt crashed in 20 mins. yea thats not scientific, but it gives me me the inkling its not hardware.

my computer has been stable in the past, i could run it 10 days 24/7 without restarting. then last month it just started randomly restarting and going crazy. that lasted for a week...... then it just stoped restarting and i ran it for about a week without restarting. then it was restarting every now and then randomly for a few days. the last week its been going crazy and getting worst. i dunno what to besides reformating..... but i dont want too at this point. is there any diagnostic software available i could use?

amd xp 2100
shuttle an35 mobo [nforce 2 chipset]
windows xp w/sp1 and all major/critical updates [to this point]
ntsf file system

i dunno whats cuasing this but its driving me crazy.

yes i know it is software related now. i restarted windows normally and witin 30 secs it crashed.

i need to be able to find what is causing this.