I am not sure what is going on with 2 of my computers in my house. When you right click on file and try to move the mouse down the list to get to copy or whatever the mouse will freeze once it gets over "Send To" for a good 30 seconds. Also when I try to open up "My Computer" it has the little flashlight thing showing it is looking and it takes a while to load everything up. Any ideas?

also, I am running xp on both computers

Go to start > run and type cmd.exe - press enter.

Type this command:
net use

Paste the output in your reply.

For clarity's sake, the reason I asked you to do this is because I see this type of behavior quite often when people have network drives mapped to servers that are not available. A perfect example of this is someone who takes their laptop home from the office - they may have drive mappings to resources that are not available from their home network and it can cause explorer to hang when opening my computer, etc.

k, well there were two drives, one for a pocket pc memory card and one for a computer on my network. they were both unavailable....so I tried disconnecting them both and rebooting, hopefully thatll take care of it.