Yes me again :/

Just dug out an old computer....thought it could do for Linux :o

Anyway I don't know much about this computer seeing as it was my dads until now, so I boot it up, the boot screen comes up and starts detecting hardware.

It finds one item: the CPU. It then "freezes". It doesnt detect anything else but the cpu working LED lights up and the cursor blinks. I attempt to access BIOS setup via delete and nothing seems to happen. Also the keyboards LEDs flicker, and stay on if I hold down multiple keys. I was just wondering if this is a hardware prob or anything. Not the end of the world if its buggared, but it would be nice to be able to run Linux PROPERLY *glares at laptop*

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I'd replace the CMOS battery in it. If it still has problems detecting hardware or accessing BIOS setup after that I'd ditch the thing ;)


Have you tried other key combinations to access BIOS setup? The Delete key may not be the one to use for the particular PC you have.

Check this article.

If it's just a dead CMOS battery, a replacement costs very little.


Try to look up the correct key to get into the cmos...
Not all PC's use the delete key...

Some PC's will let you clear the cmos by holding the insert key and hitting reset.

Try F1 or F2 or ctrl+escape as well

Also try pulling any cards in the system except the video card or swap the video card with a known good video card...

You might also disconnect any drives attached to the system...
Crossed cables and such might hang your system...

This will isolate the problem to the motherboard...

If the battery is a removeable type (not soldered in) try removing it...
If it is shorted or hiding corrosion it might be causing a problem and pulling it out will allow power supply voltage to drive the system... It will not retain any drive or other info but if it boots you will know where your problem is...

These are just shots in the dark but then, I enjoy reviving antiques...

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