Hello everyone. I just forgot a crucial .rar password for a project (didnt want my mates copying) and need to open the file. Is there a way of bypassing the password request, or finding it somehow?

thx in advance

thanks, but i forgot to add that i already have a few of these programs and they all suck. For one the password is longer than 2-3 characters (the trial version) and these programs are soo slow that i am never going to buy them to crack my long password! Ne 1337 Cr4ck3rs out there know a backdoor in the code?

if it's so crucial, how much are these trial programs?

Really, programs like those are going to be your only option. The password is probably stored in an irreversible hash, similar to UNIX passwords. The only way then would be to take a password, hash it, then compare it to the password hash. If it matches, then you've got it. And that is a slow process...

they arent really expensive, but for CAPS, no caps and $ymbols, and a 10 word password, one of them wont even attempt it "too long" in time. And the other gives a ludacris figure!!! Id rather pay a friend to "help" me than pay for these progs ;)

use password cracker

I wholly agree with you, Zip Password Tool is the right choice. It can recover lost or forgotten RAR/ZIP passwords.

hii me 2 orget my rar password with very imp data attached to it.
i need to know about a good passwprd cracker plzzzzz help me