After reformatting and getting everything back to normal I decided to make a rescue disk for my AVG anti virus, after using the only two floppys I realized that I wasn't going to have enough to finish the job, so I decided to explore the alternative...a CD. After three unsuccessful attempts I decided to just wait until I purchased more floppy disks and closed the program, that's when I noticed three new icons on the desktop in the form of file folders with the titles that I had created for the disks. I was abel to right click and then delete two of them, but one of them won't delete. I've tried to delete it by using the disks with no luck, deleting it in safe mode...nada. Now I could sure us some advice, obviously this isn't something dangerous that needs to go, but it would sure be nice not to see the reminder of my unsuccessful attempts. :-|

What's the exact error you get when you try to delete the folder?

Hi indienick...I must be slipping to have forgoten to include that.

Error Deleting File or Folder
Cannot delete file: Cannot read from the source file or disk.

Go to safe mode and try deleting it again ..

S'all good =-)

You can try doing as nanosani said. Try deleting it in safe-mode. However, if that shouldn't work, when you're in Windows, Ctrl + Alt + Delete to bring up the task manager. Kill EVERY SINGLE process EXCEPT FOR:
-any anything run by "SYSTEM"
Try deleting it then. I've never had this sort of problem before...

Alternately, try logging in as Administrator, or the user that created the folder. Chances are, if you're getting that message, you're trying to delete something another user created. If the Administrator account doesn't show up at the login screen, download TweakUI for WinXP. It's got TONS of tweaking options for WinXP...some of them handy, some of them more for fun. In TweakUI, enable the "Show Administrator Account" option.

Goodmornig indienick...I tried to remove it in the safe mode last night and got as far as deleting the file name and renaming it, but as soon as I try anything after that I get the measage: Cannot rename file: Cannot read from the source file or disk.

As I said at the beginning, I recently reformatted, and I'm the administrator, and the only person to touch this computer, which makes me the person who inadvertently made this file.

I'll try accessing it thogh the task manager, by the way...I'm using 2k pro.

Ooooooook.....I've had this problem before. I had re-formatted and installed Windows onto a new hard drive. When I went to go nab some of my old files, and I got that "Cannot read from Source" error.

Here's what I did :cheesy:

1. Open up any folder and click Tools -> Folder Options

2. Click the View tab, and scroll down to the bottom of the list and un-check Use Simple File Sharing (Recommended)

3. Click OK

4. Right-click on the folder you want to delete, then click Properties

5. Click the Security tab, then click the Advanced button

6. Click the Owner tab, then click on the icon in the list that represents your username.
i.e. User (COMPUTER-NAME\User)

7. Then click Apply, OK, OK.

And voila! You should be able to do as you please with the file. I recommend rebooting after you change the file's permissions. It's not necessary, but I'd do it anyways.

Hey indienick...I just attempted your suggestion, but the option "Use Simple File Sharing (Recommended)" is not offered, what opperating system are you using? Just a reminder...I'm using 2k pro.

*raises one eyebrow* hmmm.....I'll mess around on my dad's laptop (he's running Win2k) and I'll get back to you on changing permissions.

Hey Indienick...I appreciate the thought, but my motherboard died and with the new one and the fresh installation the problem is gone.

I had a non-deleting file on win 98 after a virus and killed it b using a dos boot diask and DELTREE

That most have the dread of future events, it was my hdd that died.

well, for future reference, I've seen this problem getting fixed by running a chkdsk on the drive. In your case, you have to run chkdsk /f C: from the command prompt. When asked if you wish to run the disk check on the next restart, choose yes.

Whenver I had the problem of a file not wanting to be delted like that I downloaded and installed trojan remover from then id right click on the file and scan with trojan remover even if it comes up and says no trojans found there is a option to delete the file anyway. It will say cannont delete file trojan remover will delete on the next restart.

Hi Eddiej writing to let you know I use Microsoftfixit50486 program and it changes all my icons to white on the desktop. I used system restore to fix the problem and it did not work. Also we use sfc /scannow in the command prompt window and nothing showed anything wrong. Please help me if you can. My E-Mail is Thank you very much Eddiej.