Hi All,

I am having a few problems relating to my Toshiba satellite pro L400 windows vista

I have had it for about 3 years and have had no problems until recently.
well about a year ago a problem with messenger, just tells me i cannot dowload it for some reason when I did have it.

the main problem is when trying to dowload, either windows updates, or adobe or shockwave player etc also I cannot dowload games

well i start the process off and get the boxes to download, it gets so far then tells me im not connected to the internet, this is strange as i am connected how else would i be able to post.

I have checked the proxy settings as recommended and also have checked my security i have reset explorer as suggested, I am totally at a los I cannot resolve this problem, i have tried system restore but for some reason the older restore points have disappeared and are now only back 2 weeks!!

when i check the error log im told that i have excessive paging.
im not sure if there is 2 versions of internet explorer running as was also suggested.
not sure how this helps not being connected to the internet etc.
please someone help its driving me mad..

as my desktop is also 'broken'

thanks in advance


sorry i have also run my adware and spyware programs (already installed)
CCLeaner i run this weekly

ive just tried to run windows installer and got this message

system error details:
code: 0x8000ffff
description: Catastrophic failure