Put simply i have two computers running the same edition of windows 7 they are connected on a network and i can access the basic users files that are shared and generally files on the hard drive that the OS is installed on but if i try and share files from a second hard drive i get told i do not have the permissions to do so i have tried allowing permissions to everyone they are both part of the same homegroup so i shared it on the home group too but i still am unable to acces the file getting the error "Windows cannot access \\pcname\filename
You do not have permissions to access \\pcname\filename. please contact you network administrator"

i have been looking for awhile but have not found anything helpful to solve the problem although all ideas welcome as i will try anything that is posted thanks

What version of windows are you running? Remember, there is a difference between file and share permissions. Which if I remember correctly from NT 4 days, the most onerous takes precedence. So, check to see if the user has access to the files from a file system perspective (security properties) and then check the shares, sharing the files to 'everyone' is dangerous so be more specific. Windows 7's sharing is great if done correctly. Also, look at your network, I prefer the \\IP Address\Sharename than the Netbios name. Finally, make the share hidden (share with a '$' infront of the share name.