hello everybody
I need for help here...

I have problem wit my PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse (touch pad) after upgrade vista home basic to Win 7 ultimate on every I started my laptop Toshiba M300 32 bit.
Please give me answer for this problems. and thank you


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hi, you need to go to Toshiba website and get win7 drivers for the devices .
check here,you need model and part # should be on the bottom of the laptop

I can not find my model on toshiba canada, to just know my spesification ; Toshiba Satellite M300, Model : PSMD4L-04101L, Serial : 68820245W, OS : 32 bit.
there may be other ways and I'm still looking for that information...Thanx


excuse me, before any further action you should know that, my windows 7 is not original but pirated products, and accompanied her crack.
and the description of the crack I will do a start two times to make active all the devices inside. I am not so proficient with this kind of thing and I'm trying to find a solution to these problems.
thank you for taking the time to casperjack and I really appreciate your help...
I will looking to http://support.toshiba-tie.co.jp/win...M300_32_sp.htm, maybe can used


im sorry we do not offer help with pirated software, this will be my last post ! ,sorry

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